Floss Picks | Bulk
Floss Picks | Bulk

Floss Picks | Bulk

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This listing is for bulk orders of Coral Oral Floss Picks. Each floss pick pack is a 150 Count with included Travel Case.

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▪ Refreshing ▪ Shred, Stretch and Break Resistant ▪ Angled Pick

▪ Removes plaque ▪ Removes food ▪ Fights bad breath ▪ Reduces tooth decay

Directions for Flossing: Guide floss between teeth and gently slide floss between the gum and the tooth. Rub gently up and down, and back and forth, keeping the floss pressed against the tooth.

Directions for Toothpick: Guide pick into space between teeth. Gently use in and out motion to clean teeth and stimulate gums.

History Fact: Robert Freeman Tanner was among the first six people to enter Harvard University’s Dental Program. He graduated on March 10, 1869, making him the first professionally trained and degreed African American Dentist in the United States.

Caution: Adult supervision recommended for children under the age of 10.