Brush With Art

Black owned. Community Supported.

What's So Different?

Here's why coral oral

Choose by Pattern

Normally we pick our toothbrushes by the color; either green, blue, pink. But with Coral Oral's bristles, you choose your favorite pattern: either Plain white, Checkered, Half-and-Half, or Stripe. 

Representation Matters

We feature beautiful brown-skinned illustrations and a little-known Black history fact. Let us bring you a sense of dignity and pride as you brush your teeth. 

Different, but the Same.

We believe that every human being is created different not so that we can fight each other, but so that we can get to know one another. Coral Oral highlights the beauty, essence and boldness in all things black. 


The first time I only bought two packs. I just bought 4 more. My family loves them. This time every one will get there own personal pack of four.


Overall, I love Coral Oral toothbrushes. The design of each toothbrush is awesome. I also enjoy the history each pack provides.


My new staple for the family! I only use these now for my family. We have to choose which design we want before opening them which is fun.


Why Coral Oral?

We have dedicated our company to help build a strong oral health community. Not only does Coral Oral provide jobs for inner city youth, but we teach them about proper oral hygiene and social entrepreneurship.

Coral Oral Is a Family Brand.

Every child deserves to feel special in the morning and a night. Coral Oral is a brand that helps provide jobs for inner city youth, teach them about proper oral health, and entrepreneurship. Coral Oral aims to be the leading oral health company.

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